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"Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others" - Jonathan Swift

"Solid Team!" Very Humendru, CDRM CDS Nomensen Nias

"Expert Trainer" Eramayawati CCDE Aceh

"Great Coordination Response" Veronika TPW Caritas Padang

"Mainstreaming Multy-party Cooperation" Wenny Silaen CFK Sumatera Utara

"Deep Understanding of Emergency Response Team" Monica Edralin Phillipines

"Theory, Practice, and Reflection" Aidil Fikri FSPASS Palembang

"Participatory Approach"Linda Indo Juwita WATALA Lampung

"is the house of DRR Practicioner" M. Fadly KSLH Riau

"Knowledge, Skills, and Attitude " Delvi Indriadi Genesis Bengkulu